Unique Gifts for Mothers & Fathers Day

Unique Gifts for Mothers & Fathers Day

Are you looking for a gift that will make your parents or spouse say “wow”? Sometimes, it may feel like you give the same things for every holiday. While he or she may love a gift card to a favorite restaurant or simply flowers, there are some great gift ideas that can be personalized. Here are a few unique gift ideas for those looking to give something different this year for Father’s Day or Mother’s Day.

Mom or Dad: An Experience

Has your mom or dad ever been to a winery or a craft brewery? Treat them for the day. You can also give them a spa day, a walking tour of a place they love, or another excursion either near or far.

Mom: Birth Month Necklace

Find out what flower coordinates with your mom’s birth month and feature that flower in your necklace. You can find existing necklaces online or learn how you can create your own using gemstones and your own flower pedals.

Dad: Bristle Free Grill Brush

Recently, there have been numerous studies talking about the dangers of grill brushes and how some bristles could end up in food. This is a smaller gift that can also ensure everyone’s safety when it comes time for dad’s next summer barbecue.

Mom: Engraved Coasters

Have multiple people in your house? Everyone can have their own personalized coaster to put their drinks on.

Dad: Customized Toolbox Tape Dispensers

While he may have his toolbox in pristine condition, he may have to dig around to find the right tape for the job. Consider creating a dispenser that contains each type of tape all in one place.

Mom or Dad: Packing Cubes

If your parents are travelers, consider getting a set of his and her packing cubes. They can help organize clothes by the day and help reduce luggage weight.

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